stump grinding services portland or

Have Stumps in Your Yard You Need Removed?

Get rid of them by calling our stump grinding pros in Portland, OR

After you remove unwanted trees, you'll need stump removal. Call Second 2 None Tree Service to handle your stump removal. We'll grind down or remove your stumps to create a neat and clean appearance for your yard.

Reach out to us today at 503-799-6714 if you need to get rid of an unsightly stump in Portland, OR, Oregon City, or surrounding areas.

stump grinding services portland or

The benefits of stump grinding

If you opt for stump grinding instead of complete removal, you'll have wood chips left behind. We can haul away and dispose of these chips, but you can also put them to use. You can use them as:

Compost-adding nutrients to your compost bin
Mulch-suppressing weed growth and regulating your soil temperature
Filling material-filling the hole left behind by your stump and covering it with topsoil

You can also spread wood chips to fill space beneath your gutters or your children's playset to help prevent erosion